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Will she answer the phone or my message?

There is a certain rule among women to never answer to your SMS at the time they receive it but they wait for like fifteen minutes or more just to make you go crazy :-) That ever happened to you? Well I don’t know about you guys but for me it does the trick, I walk around the apartment and think oh, why she doesn’t answer, did she receive my message, did I write something wrong and usually they answer with some excuse like I was getting a shower ha ha that’s just crazy.

With online dating woman do have another problem beside answering the same way as they do on telephone messages they get so much messages that it impossible to answer them all. I have a friend that registered on local meeter and she says she gets more that fifty messages per day and she doesn’t even read them all. So I asked her how does she select which one to read and which one not to read and the trick you should know if you want to get your messages read is the title of the message.

If you put just hello or dear nickname you won’t get her attention. You should write something like Did you know that.. or any other interesting title, that will get her interested in reading you message ;-)

Have a nice day,

Regards, Denis

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