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What Eve didn’t hide

OK I admit, without inspiration I asked a friend what to write about and I got a frivolous little answer: »Why are men so attracted to women’s cleavage?«

Well there are probably hundreds of thousand of people who already wrote, talked, discussed that but even so the fact it’s always, though transparent socially very amusing. Especially when confronting women/men argumentation or reactions. I’m not sure what dear old Freud thought about it but it’s obvious that we, the women, the Object of the discussion (or better our tempting parts J ) share logically a different point of view towards them. Maybe it’s that we’re so used to have the little pair we don’t even notice it (well depends on the size, a bigger one can sometimes get you into breathing trouble I suppose).

Anyway it’s obvious that breasts are a secondary sex characteristic so are meant to be tempting, causing desire in men. So we come to the cleavage. According to my point of view half covered breasts (or any part of the body ) evoke more passion and temptation for the very reason they don’t show it all. You have to go look for it. Even though you can partly know what to expect. The bigger the better, the smaller the cuter we’re stuck with what we have, knowing that every men we meet before looking into your eyes glares at something else. OK a bit exaggerating, the eyes are first (no matter what they don’t wanna seem too obvious J).


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