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My first kiss

i had my first kiss when i was 14 years elderly. it was with my boyfriend who was 15. we were in the same year at college and had been going gone for perhaps two weeks. i remember it was late afternoon and we were at the public library cuddled up on the daybed in front of the foxtel in the kiddie section. it was all noiseless for a while and we were just sitting there. his arms were wrapped around me and i was leening back into him resting my head on his chest. then he stated “what are you thinking?”being the really shy person that i am i was just mentally freaking outside. im not certain altogether what i stated. probably something round the trees gone the window or the colour of the bricks. he kept asking me small questions and things were getting really playful. he stole my bag and he made a game away of it. he would interrogate me a inquiry and if he liked my reply he would give me some of my back back nevertheless if he didnt he would pull it further away. it was simple at first. really simple questions like my fabourite lay, colour, gem stone. that kind of object. he asked me what things i liked around him and then he started asking me “what do you classify as a kiss?” “what would you do if i kissed you?” “if you kissed me would you mean it?”….”would you kiss me right at the moment?” with every issue it seemed love he got closer and closer. he was looking me in the eyes and i was staring correctly back and somehow our lips touched. im not certain who shut the distance. i assume it mght have been me. probably just to create him end asking me all those hard questions. that was too the day i had my first french kiss however it stopped beautiful swift when i realised that we were even in the public library and though there were not many humans there, there were even some humans. we stayed together for about five months.

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