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Internet Dating: The New Mixer

It seemed like a fairy tale to Mickie. She had waited so long to meet a man who was loving, kind, supportive and independent. Finally, after several years of dating many different men, she was introduced to the man would later become her husband.

Single, in his mid-fifties and living in New Jersey at his sister’s house, Leo didn’t quite believe it was possible for him to meet a woman who would find him interesting and want to build a life together. However, Leo had a strong resolve and a deep belief in the possibilities that life still held for him. At his sister’s insistence, Leo spent several Saturday afternoons filling out the comprehensive personal profile that the internet dating website required him to complete, in order to register for their services.

Mickie had watched her previous husband die of a terminal illness. She was in her late forties and pretty dubious about the possibilities of meeting a man who would be available, and who would be interested in creating a good life together. She had been living in the Catskill Mountains of New York for over a decade and was very involved in organizing a local, community-run dance. Even though she was so active, she still had not been dating anyone seriously for over ten years. At the insistence of a friend, she spent several weeks filling out a lengthy personal questionnaire that was required to open up an account, on a well-known internet dating website.

After their first contact via the internet, Mickie and Leo realized that they had a lot in common, not only commonly-enjoyed activities, but also a shared set of core values and beliefs. After e-mailing each other for a few months, Mickie requested that Leo not contact her for awhile, while she was spending time with her father, who was quite ill. Leo respected her wishes. A year later, Mickie contacted Leo and as they say…”the rest is history“. A few months later, they moved in together. Presently, they are making arrangements to move from New York to Puerto Rico, where they will soon buy a house and work on building a good and sunny life together.

PS. This is a true story!

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