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Does love come with money?

Huh, I got myself thinking about this one for a lifetime. Do woman usually think about how much money you have before they get to know you better or let’s say fall in love with you? I don’t know but there are some women that think this way.

How many times did you see a very nice looking woman and a guy next to here that was like ‘how did he got her?’ and then you see his fancy car or expensive clothes that he’s is wearing and you do the math. Not only woman are this way, also man are the same. You see some old lady with a young man that could be the same age as her son.

Also there is another problem with rich and poorness. Would you date a rich girl if you were like broke or something like that? I wouldn’t, I’d always have that complex about me not being ‘the man of a situation’ now how stupid is that? When it comes to love it always should be about feeling and sympathy but we all know it’s not like that these days.

The only win-win situation for me is meeting a girl from the same social schema so I don’t have to think about this and that but focus only on building a strong relationship.

Tell me your opinion on this subject, it would be really nice to know what do you think.

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