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Dating Mistakes

A date is not a marriage interview, nor is it a hunt for sex. Dating is an opportunity for friendship. Here are some common dating mistakes that will allow you to maximize your dating time and get to know someone better.

Appearance makes a great first impression. Nobody wants to be seen in public with someone that has hygiene issues. Dirty, poorly fitting clothes, oily skin and messy hair are a turn off. First impressions are lasting. Bad body odor and smelly breath aren’t attractive on anyone. So use proper grooming techniques to show respect for yourself and the person you are dating.

Focus on the person you are dating. Turn of your cell phone. Really listen to what the other person has to say. Asking some basic questions about work, school, family, friends, likes and dislikes is a good place to start. Showing respect for the person you are dating is always the right thing to do. Dates are opportunities to get to know others better.

The first few dates should be either group dates or dates that happen in public places, especially if you don’t know the person very well. Movies, meals and concerts allow for companionship without having to rely on making lots of conversation and chit chat early in a dating relationship. Also, a couple of hours is plenty of time for people in the early phase of dating.

Don’t be loud or pushy. Don’t tell your date how wonderful, rich, sexy, well-built, smart or important you are. If you are all of these things, your date will discover it. And don’t act like the date is a marriage interview. Talk about fun subjects and do fun activities on dates rather than trying to seduce or impress only. Relax, have fun, and get to know the other person.

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Dating Mistakes?

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